April 15, 2020 – Day 3

I’m enjoying rewriting all my ideas down here. Not sure how well organized I’m being, but as long as I can understand them I think I should be good. Now I just need a better way of taking and uploading pictures.

If there’s one things that’s been on my mind it’s what makes a good story. And I think the simple answer is is that there’s no such thing. Theres only stupid confidently stated ideas made from equal parts love and spite. I mean look at Frankenstein. I story about a guy that takes half rotten body parts, sows them together, slaps some lighting on em, and some how make a living human. Like, what kind of idea is that? It probably has some potential for a comedic take on the meaning of life? Or maybe a good cautionary tale about trying to play god? No! This is story that laid the foundation for modern day science fiction. The fundamental horrorism of living and being alive (two completely different horrors). Lord of the Rings has a completely made up language that serves no purpose outside of the author just wanting to. My favorite movie of all time Kung Fu Panda is exactly what the title says it is and has the main character defeating the villain with the power of being fat. The absolute ridiculousness of storytelling is something that is embraced by every good artist. To try and make a serious statement about the world in your story you have to also admit understanding that the not only is the world stupid, but you live in that stupid world as well.

If you can’t tell I had a long shower this morning.

I think I need to make a list of writing reminders for myself so I don’t lose track of what I want my foundation in my stories to be. The statement above will be the first reminder. Here’s to hoping the age well with my moral foundation as well.

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