April 17, 2020 – Day 5

I’ve started watching Dragonball Z Kai with Dad and Skylar. They both seem to be enjoying it. I’m enjoying how much filler they took out for this version, though the opening could be better.

Charli’s fur is growing back from her surgery — she had a tumor that needed removing, she’s fine — and feels oddly nice to pet. I’m still afraid that her scar is tender so I try to avoid that.

Moms been making masks non stop since she learned about donations being open. They’re really well made and fashionable too. Her and I are sharing the same work space for our stuff. Mine with gardening. Her with sowing. I’ve been helping cut all the loose threads when she’s finished.

Maddy hasn’t been able to hang out with us really. She been really busy with school and writing her thesis. When she does have off time she’ll talk with her friends on FaceTime. I try to keep my distance since I never know whether she’ll be in a bad mood or not. But I always offer if she wants to hang out with me.

Skylar’s getting school work again. It’s stressing her out, but I think her graphic design skills are great. She’s also been talking with Caden, her boyfriend, really deep into the night. It’s kinda annoying, but apparently he’s been having a rough time talking with Skylar during the day, so at least they’re doing the “long” distance thing okay.

As for me I’ve been watching some Sonic fanub, Game Grumps Best of compilations, and Dragonball Z abridged all on repeat. Been thinking of maybe rewatching Red vs Blue, see how many lines of dialogue I can quote from memory.

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