New Journal!

Developing A Video Game

I’m thinking a Witch Simulator of sorts. You play as a small Sprite that goes through the different aspects of being a witch. No plot of any sort. More of a completionist game with different objects to collect, animals to interact with, and recipes to make.

There’ll be different places to go to with different events and people to interact with.

And throughout the lands there will be different kinds of witches that can help you.

This is Adgartha and Herringbone, the Hat Witch and Dress Witch.

You use the stuff you make and learn to help others and sell to neighboring villages.

The running title is Witchery in Making. Of course this only a vague fluffy sense of identity in this game, but I’ll work on it.

April 21, 2020 – Day 9

God how fast time flies. Dads really enjoying Dragonball Z. Skylar’s waiting for us to be done with the Freiza saga, cuz I’m that’s when I’m going to show Dad the abridged series.

I’ve bought some online video courses for learning Unity. I’m thinking of making a game with their help. I’ll be posting my ideas for the story soon. I’m thinking an adventure farming sim.

Gardening Journal Entry 4

April 19, 2020

The baby spinach and broccoli have started sprouting. The other babies will start sprouting soon. Moms very excited.

I’ve start to transplant the new herbs that mom bought over two weeks ago. They’ve been practically screaming for it looking at their roots.

I saw a lizard shedding its skin. They’re called Green Anoles.

Gardening Journal Entry 3

April 18, 2020

Doomguy – April 16, 2020

Doomguy – April 18, 2020

As you can see, the Ph levels in the soil seem to be getting better. I’m thankful it’s only taken three days for it to do so. I took off the old netting and have put new ones on to create more room for the plants to expand.

Now, without the netting, I could take better pictures of the blueberries:

This is Ricardo. His leaves are taking their time maturing. In blueberries. new leaves have this powdery sheen to them for protection from the sun. As they mature, the powder falls off. Ricardo’s berries are medium sized compared to Doomguy’s and Serenity’s

Serenity has had these strange freckling with purple all over her. I believe it’s Septoria Leaf Spot and/or Phyllosticta Leaf Spot.

The Blackberries are changing colors! Still working through the iron chlorosis.

April 17, 2020 – Day 5

I’ve started watching Dragonball Z Kai with Dad and Skylar. They both seem to be enjoying it. I’m enjoying how much filler they took out for this version, though the opening could be better.

Charli’s fur is growing back from her surgery — she had a tumor that needed removing, she’s fine — and feels oddly nice to pet. I’m still afraid that her scar is tender so I try to avoid that.

Moms been making masks non stop since she learned about donations being open. They’re really well made and fashionable too. Her and I are sharing the same work space for our stuff. Mine with gardening. Her with sowing. I’ve been helping cut all the loose threads when she’s finished.

Maddy hasn’t been able to hang out with us really. She been really busy with school and writing her thesis. When she does have off time she’ll talk with her friends on FaceTime. I try to keep my distance since I never know whether she’ll be in a bad mood or not. But I always offer if she wants to hang out with me.

Skylar’s getting school work again. It’s stressing her out, but I think her graphic design skills are great. She’s also been talking with Caden, her boyfriend, really deep into the night. It’s kinda annoying, but apparently he’s been having a rough time talking with Skylar during the day, so at least they’re doing the “long” distance thing okay.

As for me I’ve been watching some Sonic fanub, Game Grumps Best of compilations, and Dragonball Z abridged all on repeat. Been thinking of maybe rewatching Red vs Blue, see how many lines of dialogue I can quote from memory.

Gardening Journal Entry 2

April 17, 2020

The Blackberries and Blueberries are dealing with a phosphorus deficiency. After doing some soil tests, I now believe that, for the blackberries at least, it was caused by a sudden bought of cold earlier this month (in the 50s). For the blueberries it the definitely the Ph. I have to wait for the acidifier to do it’s work on that one.

Close up on Doomguys’ berries

Domguy’s leaves

These are both pictures of Doomguy. The reddening on the leaves is the plant saying its not getting enough phosphorus at the moment. The purpling of the berries, I’m hoping, is part of the natural cycle of the fruit maturing before becomes blue. I can’t find any indication that would show blueberries turning purple is a bad thing. Ricardo is doing the best in terms of leaf coloration. Then again, he has the fewest blueberries being made. And Serenity, having the most, is having a hard time forming her berries.



I also saw a terrifying horse fly this morning. As it turns out, male horseflies don’t eat blood or even bite. They just want some sweet delicious nectar. Regardless, I ran away right after taking this picture.

In worse news, Julia has thrips! They’re these teeny tiny — nearly imperceptible to the eye — bugs that suck on flowering plants. They’re bad bugs and are usually eaten by predatory insects like ladybugs. You wouldn’t even know they were there unless you were looking. The only reason why I was even looking was because I saw ants walking around on the stems. last year I learned that ants like to farm — protect and use — aphids because of they’re ability to suck out the sweetness from plants. So when I saw some ants waddling their way around Julia I knew something was up. Next thing I know I see this little-itty-bitty bug on the flowers. You can barely see it in the image. It’s the more defined brownish line on the lower right petal. I’ve already put neem oil all over both Julia and Nicholas, so I hope that’ll help.

Story #3

Setting: A boarding school/testing facility for minors that have suddenly gained supernatural abilities


  • The Main Character (MP) is introduced through different activities of the facility
    • They are nice, caring, loyal to friends, and will to stand up for others (despite having only just met)
  • Introductions to supporting cast:
    • Lie Detector: Has the ability to tell if someone is lying. Not if what they are saying is the truth.
      • Catch: They can’ lie themselves. Lying causes immense pain that has only increased as their pain tolerance increased with it. It’s likely they wouldn’t feel a gunshot wound
    • Mini-Space Manipulation: Can manipulate anything inside of a 5in. cube of space of their choosing.
      • Catch: Can’t manipulate anything they can’t directly see and nothing inside the area can be moving without the manipulators intervention.
    • Emotion Puppet: A person? who’s body is made up entirely of wood. They can control the emotions of anyone and anything they so choose. Cannot control the thoughts or actions of an individual however
      • Catch: They themselves cannot feel emotions. None. They have no motivation in life. No need for self preservation. No want to make friends. No greed, selfishness, anger, happiness. Just empty.
    • Body Manipulator: One of the head guards in charge of keeping everyone in line and safe. They can control every physical function of the human body and warp it to their own ends. If they want to, they can rip the skin off muscle, veins from skin, cells from bone, and keep you alive as long they remember to keep your heart pumping and lunging breathing
      • Catch: To control one part of the body is to control the entire thing. If they mess up and don’t place everything back where it once was or forget to keep blood pumping to a certain area then they’ve ruined a part of someone else’s body without even realizing it.

April 15, 2020 – Day 3

I’m enjoying rewriting all my ideas down here. Not sure how well organized I’m being, but as long as I can understand them I think I should be good. Now I just need a better way of taking and uploading pictures.

If there’s one things that’s been on my mind it’s what makes a good story. And I think the simple answer is is that there’s no such thing. Theres only stupid confidently stated ideas made from equal parts love and spite. I mean look at Frankenstein. I story about a guy that takes half rotten body parts, sows them together, slaps some lighting on em, and some how make a living human. Like, what kind of idea is that? It probably has some potential for a comedic take on the meaning of life? Or maybe a good cautionary tale about trying to play god? No! This is story that laid the foundation for modern day science fiction. The fundamental horrorism of living and being alive (two completely different horrors). Lord of the Rings has a completely made up language that serves no purpose outside of the author just wanting to. My favorite movie of all time Kung Fu Panda is exactly what the title says it is and has the main character defeating the villain with the power of being fat. The absolute ridiculousness of storytelling is something that is embraced by every good artist. To try and make a serious statement about the world in your story you have to also admit understanding that the not only is the world stupid, but you live in that stupid world as well.

If you can’t tell I had a long shower this morning.

I think I need to make a list of writing reminders for myself so I don’t lose track of what I want my foundation in my stories to be. The statement above will be the first reminder. Here’s to hoping the age well with my moral foundation as well.

Story Idea #2 – Boxman

It’s a modern world of magic. Fairies, dragons, orcs and what have you all live in semi realistic harmony with one another and our main character (MP) is your normal everyday mail delivery human. Been working in the field for over 12 years and despite living with the knowledge that they can literally be and do whatever they want with the help of magic, they only know one spell. It’s the only real spell any delivery man needs in this day and age and that’s a spell that makes magical boxes. That’s it. They can make them big, small, long, or tall and even make several move without touching them, but that’s the only spell that they can do. But damn if they’re not the most amazing magical box spell user there is.

One day, while doing what they do best, the MP gets caught up in magical heist shenanigans. Without even realizing it they’ve gotten themselves caught up in the world of magical crime mafias, gladiators, assassins, and cops. Fortunately for the MP a different hardened criminal has gotten entangle with helping them find a way to “deliver” the item that was stolen in the previously mentioned shenanigans.

Gimmick: You can either be average at everything or really amazing at one thing and that’s the MP in a nut shell. Their Box spell can be used as a shield, bridge, weapon, pole, etc. the possibilities are endless. The only reason why they were able to get involved with heisty shenanigans is because of the box abilities. Every single person the MP comes across either underestimates or overthinks their magical abilities and ends up losing the fight because of it.

Studying A Mysterious Black Entity Inside My Apartment: Video Series

April 15, 2020

Idea: Some strange and unexplainable occurrences have been going on in the apartment Main Character(MP) has moved into. Cabinets opening and closing. Mugs flying off tables. Flickering lights. None of these things have deterred the MP from living here, they only wish they could record evidence of these phenomena without worried about being called fake. Well one day, this formally invisible entity, becomes a full blown apparition. Thus starts a video docu. series noting all the strange things about this entity living inside MP’s apartment.

Entity: The mysterious black entity, dubbed “Buddy” by MP, is a shadow being with no distinct shape other than fuzzy and vaguely ovular. It cannot speak other than through angry hissing/growling. Most and all communication is done through actions only. The camera, or at least in the MP’s line of site, should never sees it move. When the entity moves it should be like a jump scare: The camera looks away and turns back to see the entity in front of them.

Perspective: This story should be told from a first person perspective of only showing the audience what the camera sees. Any and all knowledge about this world relayed to audience by what can be observed, assumed, and told by the MP. What is known about the world and the MP should be severely limited to the confines of the apartment. There is NO explanation about the what/how/why of the MP or the entity. The story is only their interactions with one another.