Gardening Journal Entry 1

April 15, 2020

Blueberries require a soil Ph of at least 6.0. What did I find mine to be? 7.5! How did that happen??? Well, I guess I do know. It was raining a lot earlier this month which can cause the soil to become more basic. This sucks. The good news is that the Blueberry Elite have faced far worse in the past. When I originally got them, my Aunt Kelly and I had a lot of trouble lowering the Ph levels in a timely fashion. That was during the colder more windy time of the 2019. Now it’s warmish Spring and the blueberries will be able to hopefully recover more quickly than last time. I’ve also added a bunch of top soil on top of the acidifier on top of the mulch already there.

New Blueberry Top Soil

Story Idea #1 – Change the Ending

An action-fantasy episodic series about your average good verses evil. Magic is used. Destinies are fulfilled. And the Main Protagonist(MP) is just some flimsy human that has no business being a part of any of it. They’re only here because they’re best friends with the real hero, who needs so much love and support holy shit is this destiny crap hard. The story gimmick is that the MP writes in journals about the every goings ons of their best friends adventures. Kinda like a scribe.

At the supposed season finally of the series, the evil is defeated. Everything is amazing! The people are saved. The MP has a love interest now. Best friend has fulfilled their destiny. It’s all great. Except, right as the episode is about to end it PAUSES. and a laugh is heard. That’s how the episode ends.

Next episode, it begins exactly like the previous one. The whole “Last time on [blah blah blah] we-“. Wherever, whatever crucial moment that changed the course the entire battle, the episode PAUSES at and the Evil Villain(EV) enters into frame. The whole world is PAUSED and in the EV’s hand is the magic McGuffin allowing this to happen.

EV looks terrible. The fight that had occurred in the “previous” episode had obviously done a number on them and the look angry. No. Enraged. Pure, unadulterated, rage. They use their time-traveling-stopping magical McGuffin to change how the battle went. With, for starters killing the MP. Then of course killing their previous self. Multiverse theory’s a bitch. After they’ve done their dirty work they destroy the Mcguffin and time presses PLAY.

[Last time on blah blah blah] [we let me die] shows the mourning [wait. that isn’t how it happened] everyone being slaughtered [that isn’t how it was supposed to happen] EV has claimed the world as their own [it’s not supposed to be like this. it’s not supposed to. its not. its not. it]


cut to the MP becoming hysterical at their writing desk. The love interest steps in and asks if they’re alright.

  • “I’m fine. Just got to that part again.”
  • “You need me to stay?”
  • “No. no. This is helping helping me. Helps me stay centered.”
  • “Okay. I’ll be in with the others”
  • *smooch on head*

MP continues reading.

Error 500: Movie Unknown

April 15, 2020

Idea: A whole bunch of movies crash together and begin to destroy one another from the inside out. Four different protagonists from four different movies must band together to find out what caused this to happen and save their movies before there’s nothing to go back to.


  • RP – Romance Protagonist
  • AP – Action Protagonist
  • HP – Horror Protagonist
  • CP – Comedy Protagonist
  • OGHP – Original Horror Protags.
  • HPV – Horror Villain



  • The wedding. Everyone’s smiling, some crying. The bride is given a knowing smile by a woman in the front row.
  • “You may now kiss the bride.”
  • BWAH!
  • Shit hits the fan! Alien monsters start attacking people. The groom gets abducted. Bride runs out of church and looks on in horror

*RP was once a down-to-earth librarian. Although a little shy her fiancé help push her out of her comfort zone and showed her how great the outside world is in comparison to her books. She is now forced to save her should-be husband from whatever took him.


  • AP is kicking alien ass. Punching through throats, tearing heads, explosions!
  • BWAH!
  • Shit hits more fans? AP looks on in curiosity as the sky warps vertically

*AP is just done with the apocalypse. Been there, currently doing that. Their world sucks. Everyones dead or brainwashed. The only reason why they keep fighting is that there’s an alien dictatorship hellbent on taking over the galaxy and no one else is going to stop them. AP is just here to keep their respective universe safe from harms way.


  • A group of ragged survivors are running from something big, loud, and not far behind. One person trips and falls
  • “Leave him! he’ll only slow us down.”
  • BWAH!
  • Just as the lone HP is about to be crushed by the monster:
  • Statically warped building begin to appear all around. The OGHP’s are either decimated by aliens or forcibly engrained into a sudden building. The monster becomes separated from the only surviving HP.
  • HP is freaked out. Now in an alleyway, They walk to the main street.

*HP is a play on the Black Guy always dies in a horror film. He was the one that was supposed to die in the film not his compatriots. He has no name. No backstory. Not even a character motivation. Worse of all, he’s awful at running.


  • Appears to have tripped and stands up. They look rather bewildered

  • The quadrio are now staring at each other.
  • “uhhhh…..”

Writing Journal

I’ll be starting less of a writing journal and more of a place that hold all of my different ideas. Or maybe they’re the same thing. They don’t feel like the same thing. Whatever. I just need a more permanently secure place for these ideas. I love more than the next guy, but in terms of longevity. They kinda have some ground to cover. I’ll also put down my thoughts on writing and some haphazard ideas that come to me.

April 14, 2020 – Day 2

How on Earth did I make the Ph levels in my blueberries worse!? They were 7.0 a few days ago. I added acidifier. Now they’re 7.5! How? Why?! Ugh. I had Dad buy some more acidifier from Home Depot along with some ironize for the blackberries, pots, and longer rods for netting. For now I’m going to have to trust that my plants will be able to survive the tribulations hurtling at them from my own hubris.

I didn’t get up to much today, in fact I slept through most of it. I feel like I need to explain some things about the medications I’ve been taking for context as to why. There’s the Bupropion and Viibryd for my anxiety — they did wonders for me when I was in school. I take Trazodone to help me sleep at night since the lack of anxiety has brought in my Aspec/ADHD night tendencies. And then L Methylfolate, for some wonked up mutated hormone gland of mine that made my meds a lot less affective than they should’ve been. As of right now, I have officially stopped taking the two anxiety meds and barely take the L Methylfolate. “Why,” you ask “would you do that when the world seems like a very anxiety inducing experience at the moment?” Well the reason for that is I feel no anxiety.

Don’t know why.

I’ve always, just, had this very third-persony, dissociative perspective on life that kinda affected the way I handle the terrible things in life and that seems to be the case here. COVID-19 seems so – not real – if that makes sense. I can feel the anxiety over how little I can do to help others, and I’m handling those thoughts in my own ways, but the terribleness. Is just that. Terrible. I can’t really do anything to stop it. And that’s really depressing. So I’m not going to think about it and instead think about the fun stuff I’m doing now.

My anxiety meds, without the anxiety, are now only causing me to sleep. So, I have decided to stop taking them and hope for the best.

April 13, 2020 – Day 1

This is my very first entry of my online journal. It feels very odd putting something on the internet like this. I’m actually a very private person, in regards to my online presence. I have no twitter, instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any other kind of media account. I don’t really have a reason other than I don’t really have anything to say and I don’t really want to feel pressured into responding to my family’s posts. The reason why this has suddenly changed is because I’ve realized that I don’t really have anything to fill my day with. The Coronavirus is in full affect around the globe. People are dying. Barely anyone goes outside their homes. And it’s gotten very hard not to want to just sit down and cry at how bad the state of the world is and how I can only sit here and do nothing about it. So to distract myself from that line of thinking–this journal.

Let’s start out with what I have done today. It started out really nice. I got up and made myself food and took care of my plants. I’ll introduce them:

The Blackberry Empire

The Blackberry Empire. Completely isolated from the rest of the plants, they’re not very keen on being friends. The Empire is fully ready to kill any plant in their path towards yardal domination. Luckily they have been contained in a metal planter and any attempts at escape are quickly dealt with by yours truly. They await patiently for my guard to go down so they can strike against any nearby soil. Status: Contained, but full iron chlorosis imminent

Julia, The Sour Knight

The only line of defense against the Empire, Julia has taken on the task of keeping them at bay. She has fought long and hard to become worthy of the knighthood and intends to use her martial prowess to protect her king. Status: Healthy. New leaves are growing in beautifully. Flowers are in full bloom. No issues to be resolved

King Nicholas

King Nicholas the Meyer Lemon, Ruler over the Far Side of the Yard. He didn’t ask to be thrust into leadership so early in life. He only just started making lemons! But someone has to lead the garden plants. His rule has gone without a hitch. No wars or invasions. The Bees and Wasps have come and gone with their help in pollination and pest control. Although Nicholas fears he’ll only lead his small section of the Yard to ruin, he really is a good king. Status: Fine. Same as Julia. Nothing to worry about.

The Hillbilly Blackberries

Not the most ruly sort, the Hillbilly Blackberries are always ready for a fun time. They separate the Lemons and the Blueberries and honestly are just happy that no ones tried attacking them yet. They’re perfectly happy with where they are, though they sometimes wish they could show some of the other plants a good time. Status: Pretty alright. Lots of healthy growth. Some iron chlorosis.

The Blueberry Elite

Once a semblance of seven, they have now been whittled to only three. The Blueberry Elite are a proud family of hardworking and beautiful individuals that despise how easy the Meyer Lemons have it. The Lemons didn’t have to watch their family members dies around them as the wind dried their roots from safety. The Lemons don’t have to worry about sleeping during the winter and possibly never awaking again. They don’t have to deal with being cramped in one metal cube when some nice Terra-cotta was available. The three bitter siblings left alive are: Ricardo, Serenity, and Doomguy — whose walked through hell and returned in hopes of only to live in peace with their family. Status: Great. Full Bloom. Need bigger netting protection. Currently dealing with Ph imbalance

The Strawberry Folk by the Shade

The Strawberry Folk by the Shade are just here to have a good time and enjoy themselves while they can. Peace and goodwill and all that. Status: Good. Need to take a closer look for pests.

The Herb Gang

Completely unruly sort with no regards for the rules. The hang out in the outer edge of the Far Side of the Yard in order to stay out of the sight of the King Nicholas’ reign. It’s unclear whether they dislike him for the way he runs the Yard or if they just don’t like the monarchy in general. Status: Healthy


The newest member of the Meyer Lemon Royalty, Esther is compassionate and ready take on any challenge that faces her. Though she isn’t as strong as her brother, she’ll always be there for Nicholas when he needs her. Status: Right as rain. Slight Nitrogen deficiency. In need of a new pot.

That’s all of the currently growing plants so far. Theres some germinating spinach, broccoli, chives, okra, peppers, and tomatoes next to the patio, but you don’t need to see pictures of dirt for that. Taking care of my plants was the entirety of my day. Now I’m writing in this journal.

I suppose the next thing I should write about is what’s been happening so far, that isn’t in regards to the pandemic. I’ve been playing A Hat in Time. A very cute and creative game that’s made me want to make my own. Alas, however, I don’t have the technological capacities to take on such a goal. That doesn’t mean I can’t still plan like I do. I’ve also finally started play Bioshock Infinite with Dad and Skylar. I think Dad likes it. The games far more cinematic than what I’ve shown him previously. I watched the Sonic the Hedgehog movie with Dad as well. It was very stupid, but made me happy all the same.

I’ve been getting an urge to begin doing art again, but where to point myself is the difficult part. I’ll try exploring that after I finish this entry. I think I’m going to make separate journals for different parts of my life. One for the day-to-day, one for gardening, and another for my artistic endeavors. I think that’s everything I want to write down for today.