Story Idea #1 – Change the Ending

An action-fantasy episodic series about your average good verses evil. Magic is used. Destinies are fulfilled. And the Main Protagonist(MP) is just some flimsy human that has no business being a part of any of it. They’re only here because they’re best friends with the real hero, who needs so much love and support holy shit is this destiny crap hard. The story gimmick is that the MP writes in journals about the every goings ons of their best friends adventures. Kinda like a scribe.

At the supposed season finally of the series, the evil is defeated. Everything is amazing! The people are saved. The MP has a love interest now. Best friend has fulfilled their destiny. It’s all great. Except, right as the episode is about to end it PAUSES. and a laugh is heard. That’s how the episode ends.

Next episode, it begins exactly like the previous one. The whole “Last time on [blah blah blah] we-“. Wherever, whatever crucial moment that changed the course the entire battle, the episode PAUSES at and the Evil Villain(EV) enters into frame. The whole world is PAUSED and in the EV’s hand is the magic McGuffin allowing this to happen.

EV looks terrible. The fight that had occurred in the “previous” episode had obviously done a number on them and the look angry. No. Enraged. Pure, unadulterated, rage. They use their time-traveling-stopping magical McGuffin to change how the battle went. With, for starters killing the MP. Then of course killing their previous self. Multiverse theory’s a bitch. After they’ve done their dirty work they destroy the Mcguffin and time presses PLAY.

[Last time on blah blah blah] [we let me die] shows the mourning [wait. that isn’t how it happened] everyone being slaughtered [that isn’t how it was supposed to happen] EV has claimed the world as their own [it’s not supposed to be like this. it’s not supposed to. its not. its not. it]


cut to the MP becoming hysterical at their writing desk. The love interest steps in and asks if they’re alright.

  • “I’m fine. Just got to that part again.”
  • “You need me to stay?”
  • “No. no. This is helping helping me. Helps me stay centered.”
  • “Okay. I’ll be in with the others”
  • *smooch on head*

MP continues reading.

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