Hi, my name is Ella Schmitt. I’m an introverted, quarantined, ID-less adult that needs some thing to do with their time. I’m from Round Rock, Texas.

Why A Journal?

As of April 13th, 2020, I have officially decided to dedicate a place to write the daily goings on of my day. There isn’t anything special about my life. I just feel that, during this trying time of social isolation, I should have a place to write what I’m feeling, doing, thinking, etc. as a healthy exercise in self care.

Category Navigation Vs Journals

The Categories are specific areas of each of the website. You can use the categories menu to go to specific pages in the Writing Journal as well. The Gardening Journal is for details in my garden and Journal Log is for my day-to-da

Anything To Know?

I’m autistic/ADHD comorbid with a dash of Adjustment Disorder. What does that mean? Nothin really. I like to think it adds to my character. I also enjoy drawing, writing, and gardening, so I’ll be posting that stuff here too.