Error 500: Movie Unknown

April 15, 2020

Idea: A whole bunch of movies crash together and begin to destroy one another from the inside out. Four different protagonists from four different movies must band together to find out what caused this to happen and save their movies before there’s nothing to go back to.


  • RP – Romance Protagonist
  • AP – Action Protagonist
  • HP – Horror Protagonist
  • CP – Comedy Protagonist
  • OGHP – Original Horror Protags.
  • HPV – Horror Villain



  • The wedding. Everyone’s smiling, some crying. The bride is given a knowing smile by a woman in the front row.
  • “You may now kiss the bride.”
  • BWAH!
  • Shit hits the fan! Alien monsters start attacking people. The groom gets abducted. Bride runs out of church and looks on in horror

*RP was once a down-to-earth librarian. Although a little shy her fiancé help push her out of her comfort zone and showed her how great the outside world is in comparison to her books. She is now forced to save her should-be husband from whatever took him.


  • AP is kicking alien ass. Punching through throats, tearing heads, explosions!
  • BWAH!
  • Shit hits more fans? AP looks on in curiosity as the sky warps vertically

*AP is just done with the apocalypse. Been there, currently doing that. Their world sucks. Everyones dead or brainwashed. The only reason why they keep fighting is that there’s an alien dictatorship hellbent on taking over the galaxy and no one else is going to stop them. AP is just here to keep their respective universe safe from harms way.


  • A group of ragged survivors are running from something big, loud, and not far behind. One person trips and falls
  • “Leave him! he’ll only slow us down.”
  • BWAH!
  • Just as the lone HP is about to be crushed by the monster:
  • Statically warped building begin to appear all around. The OGHP’s are either decimated by aliens or forcibly engrained into a sudden building. The monster becomes separated from the only surviving HP.
  • HP is freaked out. Now in an alleyway, They walk to the main street.

*HP is a play on the Black Guy always dies in a horror film. He was the one that was supposed to die in the film not his compatriots. He has no name. No backstory. Not even a character motivation. Worse of all, he’s awful at running.


  • Appears to have tripped and stands up. They look rather bewildered

  • The quadrio are now staring at each other.
  • “uhhhh…..”