Godhood Has Come With Its Drawbacks

Idea: Jacob, a 21 year old college student, has their life turned upside down when a stranger shows up to kill him. Turns out, he’s a new god! The God of Destruction, Death, and Decay to be exact. Having realized this guy has no idea what he’s talking about, Ian, a Godkiller, now sees this once in a lifetime experience of shaping a god to their own perspective. Others, however, see things differently and they now have a battalion of Godkillers out there dead set on killing the supposed God of “everything bad”. Hijinks ensue.

I would like to preface this by saying that I hate names with a passion. So you’ll probably start to see a pattern of only seeing the most generic names possible for everyone. Either that or a random assortment of syllables I came up with to sound fancy. This rule, as you’ve probably noticed extends to titles whereby I try to have them explain their story in the title. Or in the case of Error 500, I thought the name of too many windows open on your computer causing it to crash was a good shorthand for the story.

(Above) Our main characters, (Below) some Godkillers

If you can’t tell, the Godkillers all wear masks over their faces. Some like the aesthetically appeal, others go for more functional. Either way their face can’t be seen. I think it was something to do with Godkiller culture, but I can’t remember. What I can remember is that all Godkillers have special weapons ordain with some magical hoo-hah that allows them to kill a god dead. Ian’s a Mace.

The story would revolve around Jacob coming into his newfound powers and the slow, but dawning, realization that being the God of Death, Destruction, and Decay doesn’t only have it physical ramifications, but intangible ones too. The death of his many friendships. Destruction of his family. And decay of his self worth. Being a “good” god isn’t as simple as not doing bad things. Fated to always hurt the ones closest to him, Jacob becomes unsure of himself. In the end, self-isolation doesn’t solve anything, the falling out of the relationships with his friends was bound to happen, and his family loves him no matter what.

Story #3

Setting: A boarding school/testing facility for minors that have suddenly gained supernatural abilities


  • The Main Character (MP) is introduced through different activities of the facility
    • They are nice, caring, loyal to friends, and will to stand up for others (despite having only just met)
  • Introductions to supporting cast:
    • Lie Detector: Has the ability to tell if someone is lying. Not if what they are saying is the truth.
      • Catch: They can’ lie themselves. Lying causes immense pain that has only increased as their pain tolerance increased with it. It’s likely they wouldn’t feel a gunshot wound
    • Mini-Space Manipulation: Can manipulate anything inside of a 5in. cube of space of their choosing.
      • Catch: Can’t manipulate anything they can’t directly see and nothing inside the area can be moving without the manipulators intervention.
    • Emotion Puppet: A person? who’s body is made up entirely of wood. They can control the emotions of anyone and anything they so choose. Cannot control the thoughts or actions of an individual however
      • Catch: They themselves cannot feel emotions. None. They have no motivation in life. No need for self preservation. No want to make friends. No greed, selfishness, anger, happiness. Just empty.
    • Body Manipulator: One of the head guards in charge of keeping everyone in line and safe. They can control every physical function of the human body and warp it to their own ends. If they want to, they can rip the skin off muscle, veins from skin, cells from bone, and keep you alive as long they remember to keep your heart pumping and lunging breathing
      • Catch: To control one part of the body is to control the entire thing. If they mess up and don’t place everything back where it once was or forget to keep blood pumping to a certain area then they’ve ruined a part of someone else’s body without even realizing it.

Story Idea #2 – Boxman

It’s a modern world of magic. Fairies, dragons, orcs and what have you all live in semi realistic harmony with one another and our main character (MP) is your normal everyday mail delivery human. Been working in the field for over 12 years and despite living with the knowledge that they can literally be and do whatever they want with the help of magic, they only know one spell. It’s the only real spell any delivery man needs in this day and age and that’s a spell that makes magical boxes. That’s it. They can make them big, small, long, or tall and even make several move without touching them, but that’s the only spell that they can do. But damn if they’re not the most amazing magical box spell user there is.

One day, while doing what they do best, the MP gets caught up in magical heist shenanigans. Without even realizing it they’ve gotten themselves caught up in the world of magical crime mafias, gladiators, assassins, and cops. Fortunately for the MP a different hardened criminal has gotten entangle with helping them find a way to “deliver” the item that was stolen in the previously mentioned shenanigans.

Gimmick: You can either be average at everything or really amazing at one thing and that’s the MP in a nut shell. Their Box spell can be used as a shield, bridge, weapon, pole, etc. the possibilities are endless. The only reason why they were able to get involved with heisty shenanigans is because of the box abilities. Every single person the MP comes across either underestimates or overthinks their magical abilities and ends up losing the fight because of it.

Story Idea #1 – Change the Ending

An action-fantasy episodic series about your average good verses evil. Magic is used. Destinies are fulfilled. And the Main Protagonist(MP) is just some flimsy human that has no business being a part of any of it. They’re only here because they’re best friends with the real hero, who needs so much love and support holy shit is this destiny crap hard. The story gimmick is that the MP writes in journals about the every goings ons of their best friends adventures. Kinda like a scribe.

At the supposed season finally of the series, the evil is defeated. Everything is amazing! The people are saved. The MP has a love interest now. Best friend has fulfilled their destiny. It’s all great. Except, right as the episode is about to end it PAUSES. and a laugh is heard. That’s how the episode ends.

Next episode, it begins exactly like the previous one. The whole “Last time on [blah blah blah] we-“. Wherever, whatever crucial moment that changed the course the entire battle, the episode PAUSES at and the Evil Villain(EV) enters into frame. The whole world is PAUSED and in the EV’s hand is the magic McGuffin allowing this to happen.

EV looks terrible. The fight that had occurred in the “previous” episode had obviously done a number on them and the look angry. No. Enraged. Pure, unadulterated, rage. They use their time-traveling-stopping magical McGuffin to change how the battle went. With, for starters killing the MP. Then of course killing their previous self. Multiverse theory’s a bitch. After they’ve done their dirty work they destroy the Mcguffin and time presses PLAY.

[Last time on blah blah blah] [we let me die] shows the mourning [wait. that isn’t how it happened] everyone being slaughtered [that isn’t how it was supposed to happen] EV has claimed the world as their own [it’s not supposed to be like this. it’s not supposed to. its not. its not. it]


cut to the MP becoming hysterical at their writing desk. The love interest steps in and asks if they’re alright.

  • “I’m fine. Just got to that part again.”
  • “You need me to stay?”
  • “No. no. This is helping helping me. Helps me stay centered.”
  • “Okay. I’ll be in with the others”
  • *smooch on head*

MP continues reading.