VG Idea #1 – Record Scratch

April 25, 2020

Idea: The game takes pace over three completely different storylines that follow the exact same set of characters (in terms of motivations and arcs). The last one follows a villain who, after being defeated, changes the ending. Altering every other timeline and causing a total eclipse the stories. The villains now are working together, while the heroes are struck ping ponging between their own single existence. The supporting cast of each story is unaware of what is going on. The rest of the game is separate supporting cast members helping the heroine save the day by fixing the timelines themselves.

Paranormal Horror Whodunnit

April 22, 2020

Idea: A game involving a detective agency in the paranormal field. Of sorts. Employees are paid to go to different locations, find out the reasoning behind unnatural phenomenon, and then exorcise whatever may be haunting the place. The company was founded to help ease spirits onto their next life as well as keep the public safe from what lies beyond the veil. However, as of recently, the company has gone under new management and seems to put more emphasis on the “pay” part of the work. Some of the phenomenon can actually be explained by logical deductioning.

Locations and Supernatural Phenomenon Present:


  • A school teacher that chases down tardy students on their way to class.
  • A football player that messes with equipment in the locker room and supposedly possesses those that aren’t taking fitness seriously
  • Lunch lady that swore an oath to feed all children. Angry with new lunch payment policies the school has enforced. Not actually harmful. Becomes ally.
  • A child. Just a child. A sad story about accidents and being pushed down some stairs.
  • An art student that writes over student made posters on the with criticisms

Small Lake

  • A murdered women who drags any unruly character into the water and nearly drowns them.
  • A fisherman that pushes others into the water and laughs
  • A giant goldfish
  • A siren living underneath the dock. In love with the tackle shop owner
  • A boat that’s haunted by someone killed by a snake. Stuck in the shallows.


  • Made from part s of an older train that crashed and killed everyone on bored, it’s haunted by several spirits
  • Conductor. Creates a dimension wherein the passenger is transported to a lone car and asked for their ticket. If they don’t have it, they’re trapped within the car forever
  • Wait staff and passengers wait patiently and blankly for their next stop. Interaction with them results in some. unfortunate events

New Journal!

Developing A Video Game

I’m thinking a Witch Simulator of sorts. You play as a small Sprite that goes through the different aspects of being a witch. No plot of any sort. More of a completionist game with different objects to collect, animals to interact with, and recipes to make.

There’ll be different places to go to with different events and people to interact with.

And throughout the lands there will be different kinds of witches that can help you.

This is Adgartha and Herringbone, the Hat Witch and Dress Witch.

You use the stuff you make and learn to help others and sell to neighboring villages.

The running title is Witchery in Making. Of course this only a vague fluffy sense of identity in this game, but I’ll work on it.