Gardening Journal Entry 1

Now dealing with the blackberry iron chlorosis issue; I’ve had Dad buy a giant bag of Ironite. Fingers crossed that this will fix the chlorosis issue before they start dying. Also going to be changing the poles and netting over the plants. Last year they were a lot more lifeless and I didn’t have a problem of running out of room.

The Meyer Royalty are doing good I think. I saw an Admiral butterfly chill out with King Nicholas fittingly enough.

There’s a little bit of burning on the new leaves, but I believe it’s from my water fasting. It was been a month since I last watered them due to how badly overwatered they were. I have an old picture where ALL the leaves have completely curled inwards (Meyer Lemon speak for “STOP EFFING WATERING US!”):

King Nicholas Overwatered

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