Gardening Journal Entry 2

April 17, 2020

The Blackberries and Blueberries are dealing with a phosphorus deficiency. After doing some soil tests, I now believe that, for the blackberries at least, it was caused by a sudden bought of cold earlier this month (in the 50s). For the blueberries it the definitely the Ph. I have to wait for the acidifier to do it’s work on that one.

Close up on Doomguys’ berries

Domguy’s leaves

These are both pictures of Doomguy. The reddening on the leaves is the plant saying its not getting enough phosphorus at the moment. The purpling of the berries, I’m hoping, is part of the natural cycle of the fruit maturing before becomes blue. I can’t find any indication that would show blueberries turning purple is a bad thing. Ricardo is doing the best in terms of leaf coloration. Then again, he has the fewest blueberries being made. And Serenity, having the most, is having a hard time forming her berries.



I also saw a terrifying horse fly this morning. As it turns out, male horseflies don’t eat blood or even bite. They just want some sweet delicious nectar. Regardless, I ran away right after taking this picture.

In worse news, Julia has thrips! They’re these teeny tiny — nearly imperceptible to the eye — bugs that suck on flowering plants. They’re bad bugs and are usually eaten by predatory insects like ladybugs. You wouldn’t even know they were there unless you were looking. The only reason why I was even looking was because I saw ants walking around on the stems. last year I learned that ants like to farm — protect and use — aphids because of they’re ability to suck out the sweetness from plants. So when I saw some ants waddling their way around Julia I knew something was up. Next thing I know I see this little-itty-bitty bug on the flowers. You can barely see it in the image. It’s the more defined brownish line on the lower right petal. I’ve already put neem oil all over both Julia and Nicholas, so I hope that’ll help.

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