Gardening Journal Entry 3

April 18, 2020

Doomguy – April 16, 2020

Doomguy – April 18, 2020

As you can see, the Ph levels in the soil seem to be getting better. I’m thankful it’s only taken three days for it to do so. I took off the old netting and have put new ones on to create more room for the plants to expand.

Now, without the netting, I could take better pictures of the blueberries:

This is Ricardo. His leaves are taking their time maturing. In blueberries. new leaves have this powdery sheen to them for protection from the sun. As they mature, the powder falls off. Ricardo’s berries are medium sized compared to Doomguy’s and Serenity’s

Serenity has had these strange freckling with purple all over her. I believe it’s Septoria Leaf Spot and/or Phyllosticta Leaf Spot.

The Blackberries are changing colors! Still working through the iron chlorosis.

Gardening Journal Entry 2

April 17, 2020

The Blackberries and Blueberries are dealing with a phosphorus deficiency. After doing some soil tests, I now believe that, for the blackberries at least, it was caused by a sudden bought of cold earlier this month (in the 50s). For the blueberries it the definitely the Ph. I have to wait for the acidifier to do it’s work on that one.

Close up on Doomguys’ berries

Domguy’s leaves

These are both pictures of Doomguy. The reddening on the leaves is the plant saying its not getting enough phosphorus at the moment. The purpling of the berries, I’m hoping, is part of the natural cycle of the fruit maturing before becomes blue. I can’t find any indication that would show blueberries turning purple is a bad thing. Ricardo is doing the best in terms of leaf coloration. Then again, he has the fewest blueberries being made. And Serenity, having the most, is having a hard time forming her berries.



I also saw a terrifying horse fly this morning. As it turns out, male horseflies don’t eat blood or even bite. They just want some sweet delicious nectar. Regardless, I ran away right after taking this picture.

In worse news, Julia has thrips! They’re these teeny tiny — nearly imperceptible to the eye — bugs that suck on flowering plants. They’re bad bugs and are usually eaten by predatory insects like ladybugs. You wouldn’t even know they were there unless you were looking. The only reason why I was even looking was because I saw ants walking around on the stems. last year I learned that ants like to farm — protect and use — aphids because of they’re ability to suck out the sweetness from plants. So when I saw some ants waddling their way around Julia I knew something was up. Next thing I know I see this little-itty-bitty bug on the flowers. You can barely see it in the image. It’s the more defined brownish line on the lower right petal. I’ve already put neem oil all over both Julia and Nicholas, so I hope that’ll help.

Gardening Journal Entry 1

April 15, 2020

Blueberries require a soil Ph of at least 6.0. What did I find mine to be? 7.5! How did that happen??? Well, I guess I do know. It was raining a lot earlier this month which can cause the soil to become more basic. This sucks. The good news is that the Blueberry Elite have faced far worse in the past. When I originally got them, my Aunt Kelly and I had a lot of trouble lowering the Ph levels in a timely fashion. That was during the colder more windy time of the 2019. Now it’s warmish Spring and the blueberries will be able to hopefully recover more quickly than last time. I’ve also added a bunch of top soil on top of the acidifier on top of the mulch already there.

New Blueberry Top Soil

April 14, 2020 – Day 2

How on Earth did I make the Ph levels in my blueberries worse!? They were 7.0 a few days ago. I added acidifier. Now they’re 7.5! How? Why?! Ugh. I had Dad buy some more acidifier from Home Depot along with some ironize for the blackberries, pots, and longer rods for netting. For now I’m going to have to trust that my plants will be able to survive the tribulations hurtling at them from my own hubris.

I didn’t get up to much today, in fact I slept through most of it. I feel like I need to explain some things about the medications I’ve been taking for context as to why. There’s the Bupropion and Viibryd for my anxiety — they did wonders for me when I was in school. I take Trazodone to help me sleep at night since the lack of anxiety has brought in my Aspec/ADHD night tendencies. And then L Methylfolate, for some wonked up mutated hormone gland of mine that made my meds a lot less affective than they should’ve been. As of right now, I have officially stopped taking the two anxiety meds and barely take the L Methylfolate. “Why,” you ask “would you do that when the world seems like a very anxiety inducing experience at the moment?” Well the reason for that is I feel no anxiety.

Don’t know why.

I’ve always, just, had this very third-persony, dissociative perspective on life that kinda affected the way I handle the terrible things in life and that seems to be the case here. COVID-19 seems so – not real – if that makes sense. I can feel the anxiety over how little I can do to help others, and I’m handling those thoughts in my own ways, but the terribleness. Is just that. Terrible. I can’t really do anything to stop it. And that’s really depressing. So I’m not going to think about it and instead think about the fun stuff I’m doing now.

My anxiety meds, without the anxiety, are now only causing me to sleep. So, I have decided to stop taking them and hope for the best.