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Introductions Two:

  • Protagonists run
    • HP trips at some point and has to be helped
  • Safety
    • What the hell is going on?!
  • Legitimate introductions between characters
  • Realization! We’re fictional?!
    • HP realizes he has no name, backstory, etc.
    • RP that she’s from a cheesy romcom
    • AP that his suffering is at the bemusement of an audience he didn’t ask for.
    • CP is super chill about it

The In-between:

I have Point A and Point B I have no idea how to connect the two. Here is a list of all the things that I think should happen between the two points:

  • Cowboys and Gangsters team up against the War and Buddy-Cops
  • A One-Upmanship show off between all sorts of different villains about who’s more evil
    • “Are any of you responsible for this happening?”
    • Collective and awkward “no.”
    • “Do you know where we can find the individual responsible?”
    • *Collective pointing to the giant swirling vortex surrounding a building off in the distance*
  • Disaster movies are just happening and cancelling each other out
  • HP keeps tripping and keeps needing to be saved by AP
  • Never ending bullets?!
    • Thematically inconvenient bulletlessness
  • You shall not pass!
  • “Lets split up to cover more ground.”
    • “NO!” collectively
  • Riding a giant space ship! Literally!
  • Heist movie helps the Protags. get into the building that holds the machine causing all this.
  • RP kills HPV in the goriest way imaginable
  • RP reunites with fiancĂ©
    • RP is covered in blood, and completely different than who she was at the beginning of the film.

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