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The Twist

Each protagonist has switched genres:


  • Has become the full embodiment of the action genre. Ready to maim, kill, and slaughter whoever is in her path on her way to save her fiancĂ©.


  • Has become romance. After gaining a backstory, name, and an identity, he’s learned that his life has more value than the sacrificial benefit to others. He’s fallen in love with AP over the course of being saved from his own flimsy failings at running away.


  • His life was once a tragedy, it’s now a comedy. Once they’ve untangled their movies he’ll live with HP in RP’s movie without having to worry about anybody dying and being brainwashed by evil alien overlords hellbent on the unification of the galaxy under one sole ruler.


Their humor was always a little old fashioned. Comedy’s been a horror this entire time.

The Real Introduction:

CP is actually a black and white talkie character whose movie was never finished. forever stuck in an existence with no meaning, they became enraged at the realization of what replaced him. If his story doesn’t get to end, then no one else’s will either.

CP has built a McGuffin that has pulled every movie in “existence” to one place. Knowing full well that none of them are compatible, all it’d take now is just to sit and watch as everyone ran around like headless chickens. Maybe he could watch and see if there really is any value in these modern day stories. Besides, the Protagonists couldn’t untangle their movies if they tried. CP never built a reverse button.

The Ending:

All hope seems lost. There is no way to reverse the damage already done. Everything is over. Our existence will never be fulfilled… But wait! what’s that in the sky? Is that… a giant… pencil???

The Writer/God/Giant Pencil has appeared out of the sky:

  • “Are you God?”
  • “uhhh… Yeah? I mean I think I am. Technically speaking, I guess.”

Giant Pencil God begins to fix things. The protagonists get to go live in their happy endings. CP will be given his own story with an actual ending.

Something I’d like to be made clear:

  • When a story ends, the characters don’t die. Their existence is now to be relived in new ways, in new stories, with new identities.

Since the movie ends in the Romance Movie, it has to end with a kiss. RP and Fiancé have some relationship rediscovery they have to go through, so HP and AP take the honors. The End.

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