Story Idea #2 – Boxman

It’s a modern world of magic. Fairies, dragons, orcs and what have you all live in semi realistic harmony with one another and our main character (MP) is your normal everyday mail delivery human. Been working in the field for over 12 years and despite living with the knowledge that they can literally be and do whatever they want with the help of magic, they only know one spell. It’s the only real spell any delivery man needs in this day and age and that’s a spell that makes magical boxes. That’s it. They can make them big, small, long, or tall and even make several move without touching them, but that’s the only spell that they can do. But damn if they’re not the most amazing magical box spell user there is.

One day, while doing what they do best, the MP gets caught up in magical heist shenanigans. Without even realizing it they’ve gotten themselves caught up in the world of magical crime mafias, gladiators, assassins, and cops. Fortunately for the MP a different hardened criminal has gotten entangle with helping them find a way to “deliver” the item that was stolen in the previously mentioned shenanigans.

Gimmick: You can either be average at everything or really amazing at one thing and that’s the MP in a nut shell. Their Box spell can be used as a shield, bridge, weapon, pole, etc. the possibilities are endless. The only reason why they were able to get involved with heisty shenanigans is because of the box abilities. Every single person the MP comes across either underestimates or overthinks their magical abilities and ends up losing the fight because of it.

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