Story #3

MP’s Backstory Reveal

  • After getting to know the characters and becoming invested in the story the MP’s backstory revealed during a Lie Test (with Lie Detector (LD)) to figure out what the MP knows and doesn’t know about their power, as well as to get a testimony out of them for their trial next week. Wait. What?
  • As the test begins, LD and audience learn what actually caused MP to be sent to this specific facility. Their backstory:
    • “Do you remember the events that occurred on [XX/XX/XXX]?”
      • “Yes”
    • “Please state what happened that day”
      • “I killed some bullies attacking my brother”
    • “Were you aware what was happening at the time?”
      • “Yes”
    • “Were you in full control of your body and actions?”
      • “Yes”
    • “Do you think there was any other course of action that could have taken?
      • “No”
    • “Did you enjoy killing them?”
      • *MP doesn’t want to answer, but does after some banter*
      • “Yes”
    • “What did you enjoy about killing them?”
      • “I liked knowing that they wouldn’t hurt my brother any more…”
    • “Anything else?”
      • “I liked the feeling of slicing through their skin…
      • “Of hearing their hearts beating and suddenly stopping…”
      • “Watching them run away and chasing after them. Of catching and eviscerating their bodies ways I knew would be most painful. Of seeing the fear in their eyes and–“
    • “What didn’t you like about killing them?
      • “That I liked it”

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