Studying A Mysterious Black Entity Inside My Apartment: Video Series


Poking the Bear

  • MP Explains that there’s been some strange phenomena since moving into their new apartment.
    • “Now, I haven’t had any real way to prove any of the stuff happening was real, but then:”
    • *Turns around*
    • [the entity is just standing in the corner of the living room]
    • “and just as any good curious individual with access to internet and a camera would do in the face of undeniable proof in the existence of other-worldly, extradimensional, ghost-like beings of unknown origin-“
    • *Spatula enters view of camera*
    • “-you poke it”
  • Moves to poke it
    • *Entity waps! that shit
  • MP Gets scared and runs out of room


  • MP has mustered some courage. They’ve decided to use a tape measurer this time.
  • Has started calling entity “Buddy”.
    • Uses tape measurer to poke Buddy.
      • “HA!HA!” Triumphantly
    • Buddy won’t give it back
      • Light panicking
    • Buddy lets go of tape measurer
      • *Tape measurer does the wizzing retracting thing*
      • PAIN!

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