Studying A Mysterious Black Entity Inside My Apartment: Video Series

Table Experiment – Ouch.

  • MP shows that anything put on the living room table Buddy WAPS! off and against the wall.
    • Buddy does not do this with a visible body. Things are flung around as if on a string
  • MP Decides to see how far Buddy will go to fling something off the table
    • MP places mug
      • *WAP! crash*
    • MP places heavy box
      • *WAP! crash*
    • MP places themself
      • *nothing*
      • “hunh. Guess I’m too heavy for ya?”
      • *table suddenly moves*
      • MP falls
    • Cabinets start clattering with opening and shutting
      • “Are you laughing at me?!”
      • *Cabinets continue clattering*
  • Video ends with grumpy MP

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