Studying A Mysterious Black Entity Inside My Apartment: Video Series

What Kind of TV Does Buddy Like?

  • MP explores different TV channels to see how Buddy reacts to them
    • News: Nothing. Starts flickering lights. Pushing papers
    • Telenovela: Irritated. Papers pushed at TV screen. Pillow WAPS! MP
    • Wrestling: Rage? Excitement? Full blown wrecking throughout the apartment
  • MP quickly turns it to something else
    • Cartoon: Buddy calms down
    • *Appears in front of TV*
  • “Seriously?”

TV Privileges

  • MP starts to show what they’re average morning is like and starts talking about how things have been
    • MP has a normal morning routine
      • MP becomes concerned that Buddy hasn’t tried scaring them yet
    • MP pours bowl of cereal
    • “I swear to Christ, Buddy. If I turn around and you scare me, I’m going to take away your TV privileges.
    • MP turns. No Buddy. Sigh of relief
      • “Wait, I forgot the spoon.”
    • Buddy jumpscare!
  • MP drops bowl and yelps
    • *Cabinets clattering*
  • MP goes and unplugs TV
    • “Didn’t think I was serious did you?”
  • Buddy gets upset
    • Tries to plug TV back in
      • Fails (is breaking wall)
  • “You keep doing that then you’re definitely not getting your TV privileges back.”
    • Buddy stops
  • MP makes a deal with Buddy
    • No more throwing, breaking things, slamming doors, and jump scaring in return for Buddy getting their cartoons back
  • Buddy agrees in their own Buddy way

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