Studying A Mysterious Black Entity Inside My Apartment: Video Series

Getting Some Anwsers

  • MP has decided to try some ways at a more – direct – approach at speaking with Buddy
    • Ouija Board: Buddy isn’t very good with it
    • Simon Says: Buddy breaks
    • (for funny gag) Rubber Chicken: works
  • Yay! Question time:
    • Buddy isn’t a ghost, spirit, human, inter dimensional being, animal, etc
    • Buddy knows what they are
    • MP realizes Buddy is less of a Buddy and more of a Little Buddy
      • Buddy is a child
    • other questions
  • “Alright I think that’s every question I can get a yes or no answer from. Now to put this thing away.”
    • *Keeps using rubber chicken*
  • “Oh no…”

3 Hours Later…

  • MP is currently trying to sleep in their room. rubber chicken screaming can be heard in the distance.
    • “Of all the regrets I’ve had in my life, I never thought giving a voidless entity outside of reality a rubber chicken would be one of them.”
  • Comes up with a plan
  • MP goes to living room
    • Rubber chicken is still being screamed
  • MP unlocks apartment front door
  • Turns on TV
  • and makes a dash for the chicken and straight to the door
  • Distant crashing and screaming can be heard as MP runs like hell

Going Back to Deal with my Problem Child

  • Apartment is torn apart
  • Lil’ Buddy starts tearing everything apart again
  • MP leaves and goes to store and buys:
    • Teddy Bear: Gets its head torn off
    • Squishy Ball: Explodes
    • Slinky: Lil’ Buddy tries to destroy it. Fails. Throws it out window.
    • Bat: MP puts behind couch, just in case
  • Lil’ Buddy is still angry, but has calmed down. Sulks in the corner.
  • MP thankful they can get some sleep now

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