Studying A Mysterious Black Entity Inside My Apartment: Video Series

I Think We Made Up

  • MP has cleaned up the apartment. Lil’ Buddy still sulking, but eating.
    • *Doesn’t want to watch cartoons*
  • MP feels somewhat guilty, but can’t really do much to help smooth over their relationship.


  • It’s now night time. MP has turned on camera because Lil’ Buddy has begun slamming their bedroom door.
    • “Look I get you’re upset-“
    • *pulls covers off*
    • “Hey! Will you sto-“
    • *Shoves MP out of bed*
    • “Alright! Thats it!”
  • MP goes to living room and turns on light. They’re fully ready to start yelling. But Lil’ Buddy isn’t in their usual spot and is instead in the far opposite ceiling corner of the living room, hissing.
    • “Well that’s different.”
  • MP investigates the usual corner Lil’ Buddy sulks in and finds:
    • A tiny spider
  • “Are you all upset because of this-” *picks up spider* “little guy chilling in your spot?”
    • *Hissing intensifies*
  • MP puts spider outside
    • “There, now I can go back to sleep and you can go back to sulking.”
  • Lil’ Buddy is back in usual spot.
  • “Goodnight Lil’ Buddy’
    • MP goes back to bed


  • It’s morning. MP has found the teddy bear they gave Lil’ Buddy with their head ridiculously tapped back on
  • “I think this is meant to be an I’m sorry?”
  • MP accepts teddy bear

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