Studying A Mysterious Black Entity Inside My Apartment: Video Series

No More Videos!

  • MP trying to understand Lil’ Bud
  • Knock at the door
  • Friend comes in
  • Revelation!
    • There is no Lil’ Buddy. The room has been empty the entire time. The videos have just been MP talking and reacting to nothing
  • Friend tries to take camera
  • Lil’ Buddy protecc!
    • *gets bat*
  • MP grabs it
    • “NO!”
  • Friend freaks out
    • Friend leaves with camera


  • Friend explains there will be no more videos
    • Shames viewers for encouraging delusions

Baby Steps

  • Friend returns to apartment
  • MP is supposedly on couch. The camera only sees a giant black splotch where it should be.
  • Friend voices concerns about MP’s health
    • Gets mug thrown at them
    • “Just get out.”
  • Explanation:
    • “I rewatched all your videos and… I think this might have been helping you.”
  • “Come on. Go and take a shower, take your meds, and I’ll get you some food”
  • “ok.”
  • “What do you want?”
  • “Some fruit loops would be nice.”


  • Their sitting on the floor
  • Reconciliation
    • Friend starts talking about how confused and concerned they were and still are, but that even though they don’t understand this, that doesn’t mean it is a bad thing.
    • As they talk and MP eats the black in the living room starts to recede
  • “hunh.”
  • “What’s your buddy doing?”
  • MP Points camera to an empty corner
  • “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

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