Paranormal Horror Whodunnit


  • A nurse with Munchausens that gives healthy people in the waiting room sudden illnesses in order to save them.
  • Elevator with electrical problems
  • Demonic activity. Feeds off the sick and dying. Never actually kills people. Only wants their perpetual suffering
  • Pharmacist that gives wrong prescriptions
  • Patients that are frustrated
  • A convict that scares elderly in hopes of giving them a heart attack
  • Old couple that constantly fight over what should be on tv. Harmless


  • Had several owners prior to now. Each of their lives ended tragically:
  • First owner built the mansion for their daughter. One day, when their son in law had come to check on their whereabouts it was found that the owner had fallen down the stairs and died.
  • The daughter found solace in the Music Room. She later died from an apparent suicide. Jumping from the Second story window. Cracking her head on a fountain.
  • The surviving husband went bankrupt from gambling and drinking and had to sell the mansion. Later died in a robbery gone wrong
  • The next couple that bought the house didn’t stay long. The wife had constant parties in the Dinning Room and was having an affair. When the husband found out, he poisoned the food and drinks of the next party. Killing everyone.
  • The next was a family of five.
  • The wife was a gifted medical student and spent her time in the Study and Basement.
  • The husband was a gifted gardener, but easily sunburnt so a Greenhouse was made in the East Wing.
  • The husband and children died of an illness not even their wife could cure.
  • It was then turned into a tourist attraction as a haunted mansion.
  • A deranged cult ended up killing 16 on a single Halloween night, shutting the mansion down for good. The event took place in the Childs Room.
  • Although not mentioned, there were servants present in the mansion throughout its history. What happened to them is not recorded

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