Paranormal Horror Whodunnit

The Players Weapons of Choice

  • With the player, they have several nifty state-of-the-art tools of ghostly trade:
    • Salt water in a squirt bottle
    • Case files describing the location
    • Protective clothing with runes and soaked in salt water
    • Rabbits foot
    • Several different kinds of magical rocks gifted in physic energy
    • The company guide book

Dealing With Upset Spirits 101

  • No Spirit Boards
  • In order to exorcise a spirit, you must learn how they truly died
  • Once you’ve found out you must:
    • Confront the spirit
    • Draw a salt circle around yourself
    • Calm the spirit down and tell it how it died. Then either:
    • Fulfill its dying wish
    • or burn the object that its emotionally bonded to (depending on how the player has approached interacting with the spirit and what they’ve learned, will change whether they appease the spirit or kill them)
  • Red Spirits – Hostile, Don’t interact without the proper information. Don’t give them the wrong information and don’t try to burn their object
  • Blue Spirit – Mellow, not so much haunting as much as stuck fulfilling the tasks they did in their living life before they died. Some are stuck reenacting the way they died.
    • Do NOT force them to remember the way they died. Simply help them complete the task they could couldn’t finish
  • White Spirit – Whether they know it or not their ready to move on. Feel free to burn their objects. At your own discretion, however. They can be a source of useful information and allyship. Holding hostage their ability to move on is not recommended.

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